Simple Plex webinars

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Meet Ella: An automated immunoassay platform powered by R&D Systems

March 22, 2017
Steve Klose, Immunoassay Specialist, Bio-Techne/R&D Systems


On the Trail of Immuno-Oncology Monitoring with Luminex and Simple Plex

November 8, 2016
Gregory Marusov, Senior Scientist, ProteinSimple

Monitoring responses to cancer immunotherapy commonly involves biomarker testing by ELISA. Yet numerous reports describe common challenges in terms of limited predictive power of individual analytes, inconsistent results between patient samples, testing methods, and different laboratories. To improve analytical performance and standardization requires a new composite approach with multiplexing technologies. In this webinar, ProteinSimple Senior Scientist Greg Marusov will discuss recently published case studies using Luminex and Simple Plex to screen and validate multiple targets accurately for immuno-oncology.


Comparative Evaluation of the Simple Plex Immunoassay with other Multiplexing Technologies in a Biological Context

June 30, 2016
Paulomi Aldo, Research Associate, Yale University

Quantitative measurement of proteins is essential for evaluation of biomarkers and biological processes, yet this common technique is impractical to evaluate multiple proteins, owing to cross-reactivity, poor reproducibility and lack of sensitivity. Simple Plex technology offers a new alternative to multiplexing through its spatial separation of target analytes into distinct microfluidic channels, and the ability to automate the analysis within a low volume cartridge. In this webinar, Paulomi Aldo will present results from her recent study to characterize and validate the Simple Plex platform for protein biomarker detection in human and complex samples. Comparative methods such as Luminex showed trends similar to Simple Plex, across a wide range of human and rodent sample types. Overall, Simple Plex demonstrated significant benefit over common multiplexed technologies in terms of low sample volume requirements, greater sensitivity and dynamic range, and time savings.

Learning Objectives:

  • Comparison and data analysis of different multiplexed immunoassay platforms for detection of biomarkers.
  • Advantages of the Simple Plex platform versus other multiplexing technologies in the multi-user environment of a core facility.
  • How Simple Plex eliminates the challenges of cross-reactivity, assay optimization, and poor reproducibility inherent in multiplexed immunoassays.


Rapid and Sensitive Detection with the new Single Analyte Immunoassay from Simple Plex

March 24, 2016
Greg Marusov, MS, Senior Research Scientist, ProteinSimple

In this webinar, senior research scientist Greg Marusov shows how the new 72x1 cartridge from Simple Plex can rapidly and sensitively measure one analyte across 72 samples. The novel cartridge is exceptionally easy to set up, requiring only 5-10 minutes to add buffers and samples during set-up, followed by a one-hour run on the Ella instrument. This process eliminates manual washes by automating all assay steps within the cartridge and offers high reproducibility. In addition, the assays are backed by high quality R&D systems reagents, ensuring a wide dynamic range. Specific examples will show results from recent validation studies demonstrating the high level of sensitivity and reproducibility for protein biomarkers detected in human samples.


Advances in Clinical Immunoassays: Applications in Oncology and Ophthalmology

July 29, 2015
Dr. Marianne Manchester-Young, Head, Immunoassay and Metabolites Lab, Roche Innovation Center Basel
Dr. Martina Thier, Head, Immunoassay Lab, Roche Innovation Center Basel
Isabelle Wey, Technician, Immunoassay Lab, Roche Innovation Center Basel

A new high-sensitivity platform in clinical immunoassays—Applications in Oncology and Ophthalmology

There is a critical need for sensitive and highly specific immunoassays for clinical samples using minimal sample volume. We established the new SimplePlex platform in our immunoassay lab. This microfluidic system allows a very sensitive quantitation of proteins in a small sample volume by using a parallel detection system. With this parallel approach, in contrast to multiplexing, cross-reactivities of detection antibodies and negative effects on sensitivity of the assays are prevented. Assays have already been validated for clinical use for more than 20 analytes in our lab, especially for cytokines and angiogenic markers. Assays have been tested extensively in plasma and ocular fluids, especially for the use in Oncology and Ophthalmology. Our experience highlights the exciting potential of the SimplePlex technology for clinical applications.


Rethink Immunoassays - Introducing Simple Plex

March 12, 2015
Patrick Smith, Simple Plex Product Manager, ProteinSimple

ELISAs are routinely used for measuring individual protein analytes, but has limitations in translational research applications where precise and accurate analysis of multiple analytes from small sample volumes is required. That's why we've developed Simple Plex - a fully automated, hands-free immunoassay platform that retains the specificity of a single-analyte ELISA, but provides rapid multi-analyte analysis. Simple Plex assays are run on Ella, using a disposable microfluidic cartridge, and delivers data like you wouldn't believe. Tune into this webinar to learn more about the Simple Plex assay and Ella.